Button down shirt
$70 – eluxe.ca

Miss Selfridge lace top

Vans shoes

Modalu crossbody handbag
$185 – pret-a-beaute.com


What I Got for Christmas 2013

Christmas is all about giving but sometimes it is nice to know that people went out of their way to get you something. 

  1. Zebra Steering wheel cover and seat covers. XD
  2. Treadmill
  3. Mini Tablet
  4. Natural Soles Boat Shoes
  5. Car Emergency Kit
  6. OMG crop top, leggings, hakuna matata crop top, hoodie and sweats
  7. $100, $20, $25 target gift card
  8. Electric Tea kettle
  9. Ninja Immersion Blender

    I was really happy with all of my presents, I am very grateful for all of the people in my life and cannot wait to start the new year off. :))

Things I’m Saving Up For

Life as a grown up is so good but so hard. I’ve decided to make a list of some big purchases I hope to have before my 21st Birthday. For me that is just an age that I will officially be considered an adult so I decided that I need to be prepared.

1. I need my own wheels. Mom’s giving me her car. Pay her $2000 at least

2. I would like a Macbook Pro 13 inch. They start at $999 for college students

3. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag 30 $825

4. Michael Kors Fulton Quilt Large Tote $328

5. Michael Kors Stainless Steel Shiny Rose Goldtone Finish Watch $250

6. Tiffany Metro Cross Pendant $975

 These are my Lucky Six Items this year that I will be saving up for. So I should save $5000-6000 this year or more. So hopefully by my 21st these things will be in my life. Granted If they’re cheaper or I find a cheaper version I like better I will definitely get it.